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Headshots have become more and more common. It used to be the case that only Actors or CEO’s had a headshot but all that has changed and now everyone with a social media presence NEEDS a great headshot.

Having a headshot portrait may sound easy and of course its not rocket science but there are a few mistakes that people make that can result in disappointing results. So here are my TOP TIPS.

  • Research – Find Headshot Images that you really like
  • Look in the mirror – Most people don’t recognise themselves on a Headshot because they are used to seeing themselves in a mirror which is the opposite of what you see on a photograph
  • Be your best self – Make the effort to bring your favourite shirt, blouse, suit, dress etc… Just because its only heads and shoulders don’t just bring a top. When you feel that you look smart from heads to toe you will feel more confident in front of the camera which WILL result in better shots.
  • Men – Have a shave, trim your beard, make sure you’ve had a hair cut. This image represents you and could be around for a while.
  • Women – Similar to the men, make sure you feel comfortable. If you need to trim eye brows, trim them. If you feel you need makeup then make sure you have had time to apply and book an early appointment so that the makeup still looks fresh. If you are booking for a simple headshot then you will probably only have one hair style so make sure to choose up or down. (A branding shoot is slightly different as a hair and makeup artist can be provided so you could have both up and down).
  • Accept the coaching from your photographer – You may feel silly doing some of the poses that the photographer puts you in but they are there to create stunning images. Most people natural posture isn’t great especially if you are behind a desk all day. As a photographer its my job to make you look great, if it feels a little silly then chances are it look amazing on the camera.
  • Choose the RIGHT photographer– The right photographer generally is decided on budget. I would urge you to not to concern yourself too much with budget as you could easily choose the least expensive or most expensive photographer and end up having to have a reshoot because either the images weren’t as promised or the skill level of the photographer doesn’t match your requirements. View their work, the chances are if you don’t like the work they produce day in day out then they aren’t the right photographer for you regardless of what they charge.


If you would like to book a commitment free consultation with me or if you are just looking for a quote then please get in touch. My rates are reasonable and my service is exceptional and I guarantee you wont go away from the studio feeling disappointed.


As an added extra incentive, if I don’t get one shot your happy with then you get your money back!

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