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How to prepare for your photoshoot

If you are looking for an amazing set of images to be proud of then you need to find a photographer that understands exactly what you want. Most photographers will offer you a consultation so they can better understand your needs and create the images you want.

What you need to look for:

Before you choose your photographer please check the following

  • Look through the photographers portfolio
  • Ask for a price list so that you know what to budget
  • Make sure they supply the kind of finish you are looking for i.e. classic frames, block images, canvas, acrylic.
  • Go and meet the photographer, make sure he/she is someone you can work with

Once booked in:

Once you have your appointment and have chatted to the photographer make sure to prepare.

  • Take time to choose the right outfits, something that compliments each other.
  • Bring along personal items that match your interests. This may seem an odd thing to do but personalising your images makes them more unique and therefore special to you
  • Don’t worry if you little ones cry or get upset during your shoot. You can’t control how young children will behave, let the photographer worry about this.
  • Equally don’t expect your child to smile for every shot. Children may be upset by the lights, a new environment or a strange face.
  • Children don’t smile 24 hours a day so don’t worry if they don’t smile for the pictures. Some amazing images can be captured without smiles.
  • Relax!, don’t concentrate on the kids during the shoot if you are looking down at them then your not looking at the camera
  • Be clear on the style you want. Most customers come in to me asking for natural portraits, natural portraits generally mean candid shots where you are not looking at the camera. If it is important to you that everyone be looking for the camera then dont ask for natural.
  • All portraits are posed regardless of whether you want traditional or casual. Subjects need to be put into position to achieve a casual or traditional portrait.
  • Most of all have fun with your shoot, the most engaging images are those with a true connection.

All of my clients benefit from a thorough consultation in the studio before they are booked in for a shoot to make sure we are all on the same page when it comes to the images to be created.

Contact me if you would like a FREE consultation. Contact


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