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Portrait Experience

Portrait shoots are a collaboration between the photographer and the subject or subjects and shouldn’t be booked on a whim. A great portrait is a carefully considered piece of design that may sit on your walls for the next 20 years and could be an heirloom to pass down through your family. I will create images of your best self, the relaxed you, the you that you know you are when the daily grind isn’t getting you down.

As one of Cheshire’s leading portrait photographers with over 25 years experience. I have photographed thousands of people and created stunning pieces of personal artwork for their walls. Your beautiful portraits will be something that you can be proud to hang on your walls and that evokes an emotional reaction.

Please read through the below stages of creating your portraits.

Your Consultation

Your PORTRAIT SESSION is designed to reflect your personality and the unmistakable connection you share with your loved ones. I like to begin with an in-person PLANNING SESSION at the studio.
Creating fabulous images is a collaborative experience and your ideas and input will help determine the look and feel of the final images. By the end of your planning session we will all have a clear vision of your shoot from clothing, hair and makeup to style of images. Driven by an enthusiasm for design and a strong aesthetic, I can also recommend the best visual display ideas for your final images. It is crucial to have this session to make your shoot unique to you.

To start your portrait experience please use the link below to purchase your portrait experience voucher.

Your Shoot

During your PORTRAIT SESSION we will take all the ideas that we discussed at the planning session and set to creating your amazing images capturing the energy and connection you all share. It’s my aim to make you feel at ease and communicate a sense of energy that will impact on the way you interact and relate with your loved ones.
Bring items that personalise your session- musical instruments, jackets – leather/denim, coats, hats, scarves, sports equipment (football, bat, racquet, skateboard, hockey stick etc.) favourite toys, hobby items, tea sets, chess sets, dance and cultural items etc…

You are welcome to bring your pet – bring a lead and toys/treats to keep their attention.

Wear clothes that reflect your personality, solid colours in matching tonal ranges. You can choose to be stylish and casual or as glamorous and fashionable as you like.

Your Reveal

After I have captured all your images I will invite you back to the studio for your reveal appointment where you can see the results of our labour.
The reveal appointment is your opportunity to design the look and feel of how your final images will be presented. There are many examples on the walls of the framing and display options available and the software I use can show any image at actual size giving you a true to life example of how your final images will look. I will be there to walk you through the process and advise you on each presentation style.
How you present your images is an expression of how you value the time and effort you have put in to creating your own wonderful personal art pieces so don’t be afraid to go big and bold, your images deserve no less.