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Personal Branding Photography

I have recently been advertising Personal Branding shoots on Facebook and it occurred to me that maybe you don’t know what a personal branding shoot is, and that maybe you assume it is just a headshot shoot? I am writing this blog to let you know just what a Personal Branding shoot entails.

Forget what you think you know, your branding isn’t your logo, font type, website, headshot or your products. It’s ALL of the above. If someone is offering you a few headshots and a couple of staged portraits in a studio as a branding shoot then you are being short changed!

What you should expect is a selection of images of you, your business and your products for use on your website and social media. These images should convey exactly what your business is about without using words. Your customers should be excited by the images and want to see more of your products or services. The images should also be true to your brand in terms of style, look and feel.

“The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Since we are visual by nature, we can use this skill to enhance data processing” (

The benefit of having a set of amazing branding images is that they do all the hard work for you! Your images work for you 24/7 while you spend time running your business.

So, what do I offer?

As a photographer my aim is to create stunning images that will excite your clients and keep them on your site; enhancing your brand message and their brand experience.

My branding shoots start with a FREE consultation where we sit down together and look through your existing images. We’ll work out exactly where your branding, in terms of images, could be improved. Once we have an idea of what is needed you can make the decision whether to go ahead with the shoot. A typical shoot with me consists of a studio shoot and a shoot at your place of business, spread out over two days.

Studio Shoot:

The studio shoot will include your headshots and possibly some products shots (depending on the size of your products)

Location Shoot:

The second part of your branding shoot will be at your place of work and will include images of your business and you at work, and possibly some behind the scenes if required.

In short you should have a choice of at least 80-100 shots that you can use throughout your website and social media.

There is no substitute for great images on your website! Investing in your brand is investing in it’s future and longevity.

If you wish to discuss your needs and arrange free consultation then please get in touch either through my website via my Contact Page or email me direct at

Thank you

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