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Top Tips When Having Your Headshot

  Headshots have become more and more common. It used to be the case that only Actors or CEO’s had a headshot but all that has changed and now everyone with a social media presence NEEDS a great headshot. Having a headshot portrait may sound easy and of course its not rocket science but there […]

Pricelist 2020

Pricelist 2020

Personal Branding Shoots

Personal Branding Photography I have recently been advertising Personal Branding shoots on Facebook and it occurred to me that maybe you don’t know what a personal branding shoot is, and that maybe you assume it is just a headshot shoot? I am writing this blog to let you know just what a Personal Branding shoot […]

Preparing for your Photoshoot

How to prepare for your photoshoot If you are looking for an amazing set of images to be proud of then you need to find a photographer that understands exactly what you want. Most photographers will offer you a consultation so they can better understand your needs and create the images you want. What you […]

Photography Tips

TIPS WHEN BOOKING A PORTRAIT SHOOT Before you decide on what kind of products you want your images to go in look around at your walls to see what kind of space you have and also what colours you have in the room. Your images are personal artwork and should be treated as such. I […]

Photography Tips

TIPS WHEN BOOKING A PORTRAIT SHOOT Don’t be afraid to ask about prices BEFORE your shoot. Most photographers aren’t afraid to tell you what they charge for their services and products. In fact be mindful of those that don’t want to tell you their prices. Photographers like myself believe in their product and services and […]

Photography Tips

TIPS WHEN BOOKING A PORTRAIT SHOOT A portrait shoot is a collaboration between you and the photographer. Take the time to look at their portfolio or research a few ideas you like off the internet. Pinterest is a great website for getting some ideas together. If you give your photographer more ideas and scope your […]

Customer Family Portrait Blog by Nathan

Family Portrait Blogs Please read the latest customer blog from the Clays-Jones family who had their family portrait in August this year. The Clays-Jones Family ‘On initially booking the shoot, me and my family were apprehensive and nervous of what to expect. With none of us having experience anything like this before, we were unsure […]

Customer Portrait Blog by Brittany

Hi All I just want to tell you about the experience I had whilst having my photo shoot done with Andy. I was really nervous as I’ve had a photo shoot done before and it was awful, I really didn’t like the pics at the end. Andy and I discussed what outfits I had brought […]

Choosing a Portrait Photographer

Photographers Photographers are EVERYWHERE!!, the phrase 10 a penny seems to apply. How do I choose the right one, surely they all just do the same thing? Choosing a portrait photographer is a serious decision, a good portrait photographer is like a family Doctor, it should be someone you trust to take care of your […]